Wednesday, 8 February 2012

About me and my work.

Hello and welcome to my blog where I am about to start sharing my work, experiences and knowledge in the world of sewing and crafts.

Few words about myself,
Being born in Latvia, where handicraft culture amongst the people has been highly valued for centuries, dressmaking and (most of the time) upcycling old clothes has always been a part of my everyday routine.
In high school years, living in a small town, chance to get a nice piece of clothing was quite limited. I was left with no other choice than to start experiment with shapes and patterns myself. And that was the time I realized I want to be a designer.
Having my sewing technologist studies done I worked in a fashion business and later had my own sewing business.
Now I am based in Ireland where recently, together with my daughter, we opened a little hobbit shop in called Hobbit Friendly.

This is only a start :) I keep practicing my skills, learning many more crafts and updating my knowledge. 
I will be looking to get involved in some new projects and, hopefully, open my own workshop soon.

Best regards and happy sewing xxx

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